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Camera Accessories Selection Matrix @ 08/03/2019

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  • HIK-1614ZJ
    $40.81 inc GST
    In Stock

    Long arm pendant mount (50 cm) Aluminium 116.5 x 500mm

  • HIK-1268ZJ
    $42.29 inc GST
    Back Order

    Key Features Aluminium alloy Weight: 2200g

  • Hikvision Aluminium Wall Mount Bracket for DS-2CD21xx Series Dome Cameras [DS-1272ZJ-110]
    $29.73 inc GST
    In Stock

    Key Features Mount: dome wall mount Feature: Aluminium wall mount bracket suitable for use with Hikvision's 21xx series fixed domes Construction:...

  • HIK-1259ZJ
    $7.93 inc GST
    In Stock

    Overview Plastic bracket suitable for Hikvision 21XX dome cameras.

  • HIK-1260ZJ
    $26.24 inc GST
    In Stock

    Overview Junction box suitable for use with Hikvision's 2632 bullet camera.

  • HIK-1227ZJ
    $33.23 inc GST
    In Stock

    Overview Flush Mounting Bracket

Showing 1 - 6 of 77 items